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Social media; a tool to shape your future, it’s your choice.

Have you been on social media today? I’d be shocked if you said no; no matter how early in the morning it is. Social media is becoming part of our daily routine just as we brush our teeth and put shoes on before we leave the house. Accessing social media is an automatic behaviour in […]

4 Fun and beneficial things to do during social isolation

Let’s take some time to work on the bucket list for at home growth and happiness. Dealing with a worldwide pandemic can derail your direction in life or worse, keep you stagnant. Why not make the most of this time for your personal growth? We are all passionate about something and there are ways you […]

New branding, who dis.

I am that gypsy, Angelina A qualified Visual Communications Specialist, Passionate Humanitarian & a very good cook (ask my friends). It’s no secret that I have closed my business this month a whole year ago. I have been working slowly behind the curtain to show you all that I am that business and it was […]

Did you know you’re already an influencer?

What exactly is an ‘influencer’? The technical term & meaning An influencer refers to a person that uses online social media platforms to engage with an audience, using their skills or personal opinions (endorsements) to provide a marketing agenda. Often the agenda is that of another business that has hired the influencer for the audience to view […]

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