An educated country is a rich country.

This is not my regular type of blog post, but it is definitely one for everyone. You may not feel like a Universities successes are directly related to you or your situation, but I assure you it’s success does relate to you.

It has been some bittersweet news to the education department of Australia in the last few days.

In one hand an exciting article shared on My Sunshine Coast, the positive effect that university students and lecturers have been creating as they contribute content and strategies to local businesses.

These students (including myself) of Social Media courses; including lecturer Dr Karen Sutherland have spent time researching and supplying key information to encourage economic and community growth.

Unfortunately the university I currently study at, along with many other universities, will be considering staff redundancies as mentioned by ABC News earlier today.

As times like these change budget choices, I encourage students, businesses, teachers and parents to talk about our need for education.

Without enough educators, all industries could be at a bigger loss than what has been upon us so far. Educators lead to more qualified nurses, agronomist, software and applications programmers, PR specialists, high school and primary school teachers and more.

An educated country is a rich country. Rich with knowledge to re-build the economy, rich in community and rich in health.

– Angelina Raisa

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Visual Communication Reads; a university task appropriation inspired by The Print Emporium’s ‘Runway Reads’. *Permission was granted to share this appropriated image.

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All illustrations and images created by me.

Social media; a tool to shape your future, it’s your choice.

Image by That Gypsy Angelina

Have you been on social media today? I’d be shocked if you said no; no matter how early in the morning it is. Social media is becoming part of our daily routine just as we brush our teeth and put shoes on before we leave the house. Accessing social media is an automatic behaviour in our day to day lives but our interaction on social media doesn’t have to be automatic.

Sometimes you may find yourself mundanely scrolling, double-tapping or pressing the like features; but to write a comment or a post is not an automatic mundane behaviour.

As we are viewing other accounts, we have most likely come across an account that over shares or possibly swears or may even posts too many selfies. Sometimes we are inspired by their actions and influenced to repeat what we see. But you may not have that luxury and could still be looking for your dream job.

You have control over your public identity but who is it that you are influencing?

Should we draw a line? Why? Where?

Private mode online doesn’t necessarily save you from your offline behaviour.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Numerous factors should be considered when posting anything online. Though you may have private accounts; social media is still a public platform that portrays your profile and public perception of who you are as a person beyond your connections.

For example; your friend, colleague or family member may have a social media account and have tagged you in an image. Though your settings are set to private, you like this image and have approved the tag. Your friend’s account may or may not be private. However, you have permitted her friends, even as your account is private, to view that image and click it. This will link up your account to the image. The spread of this image goes further again if there is more than one friend tagged in this image. Before you know it, private isn’t so private anymore.

Shaping your future right now

A screenshot of a cell phone

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Image from the research by YouGov

Did you know your future employment may be determined by what you posted online yesterday or last week? A study by YouGov shares real data about how your potential employer is judging what you are posting on social media.

If you are employed or want to be employed, you need to consider your employment contract. Generally, most contracts will or should contain a social media policy of what is expected during your employment. You represent the business more than you realise.

Some employers will check your social media and will sometimes make a discerning decision about your employment based on your latest posts.

Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash
Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash

Be aware of what you share

Another factor to be aware of is when you ‘share’ something you didn’t write or create.

Photo by Nikhil Mitra on Unsplash

Copyright laws; nearly everyone knows they exist, yet they still repost, screenshot and even print other people’s hard work and livelihood without credits or payments. Before I go any further let me clarify a common error.

Posting an image from Pinterest and stating ‘Image found from Pinterest’ is still a breach and could cost you your job, your finances and your brand image. You need to seek the creator’s permission if it isn’t a copyright free stock image.

If you think you won’t get caught let me just tell you how easy it is to catch you. I can upload an image to google image search and it finds data and recognition to reverse search where else my image has been used. Are you hearing sirens yet?

It’s Good Guidance

Employee contracts and copyright laws are not to dictate your life; they are there to protect your livelihood and the livelihood of others. That’s right, that fine print you skimmed over, signed or pressed ‘accept’ for was for your safety.

Following a code of ethics placed by your workplace (or potential workplace) and by respecting copyright laws is just some ways you can improve your employability and future.

If you’d like to brush up on your copyrights and the rights of others you can download a copy from the Australian Copyright Council. If you are still establishing your career path here is a tip below, you need to know before you post.

Are there any other tactics you apply or plan to apply when posting on social media?

4 Fun and beneficial things to do during social isolation

Let’s take some time to work on the bucket list for at home growth and happiness. Dealing with a worldwide pandemic can derail your direction in life or worse, keep you stagnant. Why not make the most of this time for your personal growth?

We are all passionate about something and there are ways you can grow from the comfort and safety of your home more than ever before.

Starting with the less obvious;

1.) Brush up on new skills with a variety of online resources

Image illustration by That Gypsy Angelina

A.) Well of course there are all those emails you subscribed to that you may be getting a ton during this time. Don’t consider it spam or a nuisance. You once signed up to it for a reason. Revisit the blog posts and websites, you’ll often find a new gem you ignored while you were busy.

B.) If you are looking to advance your skills in academia, creativity & networking LinkedIn and Lynda. com have combined to become LinkedIn learning. This platform has a variety of learning possibilities for every professional. The best part is; you can add it to your resume of skills and apply it to your career goals.

C.) If you are an Adobe Creative Cloud member, there are various learning opportunities you can jump into with the various programs offered.

D.) If you need something a little lighter for the brain fog you could be having during the stress of ‘rona go with something simplified like YouTube. A great platform for simplified learning opportunities.

2.) Read those books you never got to start

Image created by That Gypsy Angelina

This goes without explanation, because we all have at least 1 book we decided just wasn’t enough time for and it went back on the shelf for display.

Alternate between Fiction and non-fiction to explore your creative mind and your intellect.

3.) Learn the power of growing something from what is in your fridge

It is so satisfying to watch a seedling grow and you can see results within 1-2 weeks depending on your seedling choice. This will also be self-beneficial and save you money one day. It may not be much to start with, but it all starts somewhere.

My personal favourite would be capsicum and tomatoes because these are the easiest to begin with from home. You can grow almost any fruit and vegetable from your current selection in your fridge.

4.) Start a challenge and share it online

This could be a fun activity that could go viral and be of positive influence during this time. Creating something as simple as an art challenge or exercise challenge for your family, friends and followers could save even one person’s mental health.

I have started a left-hand drawing challenge (I’m right-handed) and I started this mainly because my right arm has an injury, but it has been a fun saving grace for a creative like me that just can’t sit all week without creating something.

I share my challenge mainly on TikTok to explore the app and learn other things too.

Image by That Gypsy Angelina

The important part during isolation

It is important to remember that this isn’t going to last forever. So, while Netflix may be tempting, you will need to have an active mind and body once you emerge out in public or back to work one day (soon hopefully). Having an active brain and body is important for your physical and mental health. What great tips do you have during isolation? Do you have an isolation bucket list yet? Or do you have a daily schedule?

New branding, who dis.

I am that gypsy, Angelina

A qualified Visual Communications Specialist, Passionate Humanitarian & a very good cook (ask my friends).

It’s no secret that I have closed my business this month a whole year ago.

I have been working slowly behind the curtain to show you all that I am that business and it was me.

Defining what I am in the entrepreneurial culture consumed me in an unhealthy manner. It was hard to draw boundaries as for me business was too personal.

It was along this time I realised I did not want to be a business nor a sole trader as such BUT I still wanted to provide my knowledge and share my passions.

Being a bit of an identity explorer I could not define myself to any one message. But I am not a business trying to sell anything. I am a person that wants to offer experiences and growth, along with a tasty serving of communication, visual arts &  lifestyle for your senses.

I am that Russian gypsy that wants to overfeed you, share knowledge and not be defined by any one thing.

Preferring longterm employment but open to commissioned projects in the future & supporting good causes.

Just as I previously had, I will offer a combination of information relating to media, branding identity and sociocultural behaviours. This information will all be tied into my passion for humanity and how you matter.

As always I will illustrate and photograph passionately beautiful art to inspire and provoke thought.

But what I hope to bring into this new venture is my love of cultural cooking. Cooking is a way to bring communication together and pleasing the senses while nutritionally feeding not just your body but your soul too.

Do you see the connections I have drawn between these perfectly curated topics? I’d love to know what you missed about my previous business Asiara Media and what you’d like to know more about. What do you think? Comment below. 

Did you know you’re already an influencer?

What exactly is an ‘influencer’? The technical term & meaning

An influencer refers to a person that uses online social media platforms to engage with an audience, using their skills or personal opinions (endorsements) to provide a marketing agenda. Often the agenda is that of another business that has hired the influencer for the audience to view a message.

However, there is no denying that the derivative of the title ‘influencer’ gives a broader understanding to the word.

To be of an influence means a lot more than the relationship an expert has made with a business in marketing terms. For example, you & I are most likely influencing someone in our lives today without the involvement of a third party giving us an agenda.

To be of influence to others is to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour on someone or something. If you are a mother, father, sibling or friend then you are influenced and influencing within your environment. Not global enough yet?

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

You have the power to influence online

Believe it or not you have more influence in society and culture today than ever before. Originally before social medias’ existence there was a public sphere. The term public sphere is used to explain a gathering to communicate ideas or opinions of concern.

If you have not brushed up on your history in a while let me refresh your memory. In the 17th century to be a part of the important conversations you had to be of working class and pay a 6 pence entry fee. In the 18th century cultural exceptions of women were ‘uneducated homemakers’, and slavery was a prominent trade. The voices that spoke with dominant influence were a selected few even though it could be a ‘public’ affair aka public sphere.

Now the public sphere, where ideas are shared, has widened. In fact, it has become global with social media platforms. We can communicate ideas more publicly across a wider net.

Gil Pizano explains “As the term ‘social media’ implies: ‘Media’ is a place where publications occur. ‘Social’ implies that there is sharing occurring. A sharing of ideas, opinions, images”.

This is basically the idea of the Public Sphere with technology.

Photo by dole777 on Unsplash

You influence the media, arts, advertising, culture and more…

What is often neglected to be understood is that ‘advertising absorbs ideas from art, literature, history and mythology, directly from our own cultures’.

Advertising is required to reflect trends and mimic within our society while mirroring it back.  Advertising today is a true reflection of the society or culture it is displayed in. 

This means that in years to come history books will be filled with what we post in our blogs, on social media and what we advertise. Our actions hold weight of success or lack of success to the future of society and how one another portrays values. Regretting that puppy dog Instagram filter yet?

Where to go from here

The most important take away from this post is to know that you have a voice, you make a mark in history. Know what you stand for and know that we (the online world) are listening. Who & what are you influencing? What do you have to say?

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash