An educated country is a rich country.

This is not my regular type of blog post, but it is definitely one for everyone. You may not feel like a Universities successes are directly related to you or your situation, but I assure you it’s success does relate to you.

It has been some bittersweet news to the education department of Australia in the last few days.

In one hand an exciting article shared on My Sunshine Coast, the positive effect that university students and lecturers have been creating as they contribute content and strategies to local businesses.

These students (including myself) of Social Media courses; including lecturer Dr Karen Sutherland have spent time researching and supplying key information to encourage economic and community growth.

Unfortunately the university I currently study at, along with many other universities, will be considering staff redundancies as mentioned by ABC News earlier today.

As times like these change budget choices, I encourage students, businesses, teachers and parents to talk about our need for education.

Without enough educators, all industries could be at a bigger loss than what has been upon us so far. Educators lead to more qualified nurses, agronomist, software and applications programmers, PR specialists, high school and primary school teachers and more.

An educated country is a rich country. Rich with knowledge to re-build the economy, rich in community and rich in health.

– Angelina Raisa

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Visual Communication Reads; a university task appropriation inspired by The Print Emporium’s ‘Runway Reads’. *Permission was granted to share this appropriated image.

#Australianeducation #qldeducation #AUSbudgetforknowledge

All illustrations and images created by me.

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